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About Shanon

As an entrepreneur and strategist, Shanon has been pioneering the use of digital technologies and building groundbreaking products for the past 20 years. His early work in digital platform development for global brands honed his ability to lead high-performing design and engineering teams in unconventional environments.

Shanon’s accomplishments include the development of the world’s first 3D printed surfboard and the data-driven design platform that combines biometric and climate data that are translated directly into 3D printed surfboards. Shanon has spent the last decade building digital products, healthcare experiences, and research platforms for adolescent and young adult patients with chronic conditions including Sickle Cell Disease, Depression, Diabetes and Asthma.

Shanon’s experience and unique perspective allow him to transfer disruptive technologies and methods from one industry to another. He is focused on helping founders and leaders achieve their goals and reach their full potential through real-world scenarios and sharing practical information learned from years of developing businesses and brands.

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