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The Ultimate High-Performance Schedule

Achieving your goals rarely fits into a schedule built by chance. Achieving your goals is the result of a schedule designed to support your individual needs set in the context and reality of your life. The goal of a high-performance schedule isn't to demand perfection - it's designed to allow you to rely on routine and deal with the distractions and challenges life presents.
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The Truth About Success

Fortune‘s 2019 ranking of the world’s top three-year performers in revenues, profits, and stock returns provides a snapshot of the trends driving the global economy. For the second year in a row, the technology sector placed the most companies on the list, matching last year’s total of 32.
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Market Research That Just Works

Use this list of resources to build your data set while developing your market strategy. Most (if not all) of the resources listed are free or provide some degree of free access. The high-level project plan provided here and in the sketch covers the main sequence of activities that you will want to cover.
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Process Driven Design

The fundamentals of process-driven design begin with planning. Earl-stage businesses often jump into solution-driven products and services prematurely. This simple 5-step checklist will guide your product and service development blueprint.
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Porter's Five Forces

Industry structure changes over time, and is not static. Over time, buyers or suppliers can become more or less powerful. Technological or managerial innovations can make new entry or substitution more or less likely. Changes in regulation can change the intensity of rivalry, or affect barriers to entry. Choices by competition, such as new pricing or distribution approaches, can also affect the path of industry competition.
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Managing Up: 1 on 1 Template

Managing your boss is the best way to achieve career goals within any size organization. It requires a consistent, data-driven approach. Meet for at least 30 minutes either weekly or bi-weekly. If you can’t make a meeting, reschedule. Don’t cancel. If your standing meetings keep getting pushed, find a new time to meet. Actively listen and talk freely, these meetings should never feel rushed.
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Reading List

An evolving summary list of the must-read business strategy, growth strategy, and leadership books. I only post books that have real-world value and contain lessons that you can apply to your business. I am an impatient reader so you can rely on the fact that these books will deliver value quickly.
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This journal, my newsletter, the TikToks I publish nearly every day will continue to help entrepreneurs and founders achieve practical growth with real-world practices. Success will be measured by the number of people I can help, not the size of the businesses that I can help shape.
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